Voice Activated iKettle/Wifi Kettle using AutoVoice & Send/Expect 1.0

Ultimate Awesomeness for 'Smarter' iKettle/WiFi Kettle Owners

  1. BenGmuN
    If you own a WiFi Kettle (also known as an iKettle) made by 'Smarter' then you know the proprietary app is awful at best. But even if it was amazing, nothing's cooler than being able to voice-control your kettle, is it? Of course not. Anyway, with the help of this amazing guide:
    I was able to achieve something like this (please note, this is not my video):

    But I've added a prompt for one of the four available temperature settings.

    Just say "Pop the Kettle On" and away you go!

    You will need the 'Send/Expect' plugin, you'll need to know the IP address of your iKettle (you'll need to amend this in each of the Send/Expect task steps) and you'll need to reserve your iKettle's IP address in your router/DHCP config so that it always retains the same address.

    Of course, once you've got this task imported, it's simplicity itself to trigger the Kettle with an infinite array of other events, thanks to the wonder of Tasker. Just don't forget to fill it up ;-)

    Obviously, I accept no responsibility for any damage to anyone's kettle as a result of accidental boil-dry (though the device itself has built-in protection) or any other unfortunate consequences that may result in having a fully-automatic water boiling device!


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