Mi Band actions 0.2

A set of various actions for the Mi Band fitness tracker

  1. Coro
    This project provides a set of actions to read/write various data from/to the Mi Band fitness tracker.

    This project is still in beta. Unfortunately, every action that tries to change any setting will update the app, but not the fitness tracker. Actions that read data work fine, instead. Please let me know if you find a solution! Also, take a look at this Reddit thread.

    • Root access
    • A paired Mi Band
    • Official Mi Fit app installed
    • Tasker
    • AutoInput (just for one task)

    Importing the project
    • Download the attached XML file
    • Open Tasker and long click on a project icon/name on the bottom bar, then select "Import" and browse for the downloaded XML

    Setting up
    • Run the included "Mi Band Setup" task

    Working actions
    • sync data (run the Mi Band Sync task before the others to ensure the data on the phone is up to date; you may wish to edit the task and set an higher wait time if the synchronization is not working)
    • get current walk data (steps, distance and calories)
    • get last sleep data (start, end, deep and light sleep time)
    • get last heart rate measurement with its timestamp
    • get last registered weight
    • get alarms (already set from Mi Fit app) with their current status
    • get reminders and their start time
    • send a nudge to a friend (this actually uses AutoInput, I did not find a better way)
    Not working actions (only app gets updated)
    • add and remove alarms
    • add and remove reminders
    • enable and disable lift to turn on
    • set steps goal


Recent Updates

  1. Added Sync task
  2. Small fixes