Random Solid Wallpaper 1.0

Fill your wallpaper with a random color

  1. Coro
    This task changes the wallpaper of your Android device with an automatically generated image filled with a new random color at every launch. A Python script that does the same on Windows is also included.

    - Tasker (only for the Android task)
    - Python (only for the Windows script)
    - A tool of any sort to extract the ZIP file

    Importing the project on Android
    - Download and extract the attached ZIP file
    - Open Tasker and long click on "Tasks" on the top bar, then select "Import" and browse for the extracted XML

    Importing the project on Windows
    - Download and extract the attached ZIP file
    - Install the required package as described inside the Python script

    Setting up
    - No setup required on Android
    - In the Python script you may wish to change the location in which the wallpaper is saved

    I have assigned a shortcut both on Android and Windows to quickly change the wallpaper. The effect is very cool!

    Comments are much appreciated!
    Let me know if it works!