Path Copier

Copy file or directory path from file manager to clipboard

  1. autormali
    Sometimes you need to set a file/directory path as a variable in Tasker. Instead of writing down or remembering the path, copy it to clipboard straight from a file manager of your choice.


    • Create a new profile. Name it Path Copier.
    • Add AutoShare Event context. Tap Command and add a new command: Path Copier
    • Add a new task.
    • Add action Set Clipboard to %asfile()
    • Add action Flash: Copied to clipboard %asfile()

    STEP 2 - TEST

    In the file manager, share file or folder with AutoShare Command and select Path Copier command. The path will be copied to clipboard.

    Silly simple profile but handy :p

    The icon used here on the forums as well as in the profile as AutoShare command icon (download) is made by Picol from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY