Replace third-party notificatios with your own 1.1

Learn how to totally customize specific 3rd party notifications: custom sounds, vibration, etc.

  1. joaomgcd
    This example shows how you can make a certain person's Whatsapp messages show up as modified notifications with custom icon, sound and vibration to make it stand out more.

    This is how it looks like when enabled:

    This allows you to keep the default behaviour for all the other contacts, but have the special behaviour for just the contact you chose.

    In the attached project there is 1 task and 2 profiles to make this work

    Task: Block Messages
    Only needs to be ran once.

    Will set the %ImportantWhatsapp variable to the person's name that you want to customize and then block notifications from that person so that they can be re-created with AutoNotification.

    /!\ Change the value of the %ImportantWhatsapp variable to whatever person's name you want to customize.

    Profile 1: Intercept Important Whatsapp
    Will intercept message notifications from Whatsapp where the title corresponds to the person you chose (whose name is in %ImportantWhatsapp).
    Will also ignore any messages with the text new messages so that these types of messages or not re-created. These are summary messages that we do not care about in this example.
    In the entry task it'll create a new notification with a custom vibration pattern, sound, etc.

    It'll also set the Reply Action to notificationreply=:=%anreplyaction=:=%notificationid
    This will make the reply field in Android 7 and above send an AutoApps command to Tasker which we will handle in the next profile.

    Profile 2: Reply Notification
    This will receive the AutoApps command from the profile above and use the AutoNotification Reply action to send the reply back to Whatsapp.

    It'll also cancel the notification so that it goes away until a new message comes in.

    Let me know in the comments if you need any extra clarification! :)
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