Run and Share tasks/profiles between devices straight from the Tasker UI 2015-12-10

Easily share and run Tasker configurations on other devices

  1. Klaes
    Sharing and running tasks/profiles/scenes on other Android Devices, straight from the Tasker UI or by using the .xml files.

    This project consists of 2 different parts and uses both AutoRemote and AutoShare.

    Run Task: Using this you can run a task on another Android device, even if the task itself is not present on that device. This only works for Tasks!
    E.G: I lost my phone, but I have my tablet. I can make a task on my tablet to make some noise and run that task remotely on my phone!

    Tasker File: This just sends the Tasker File to the other device where it is automatically moved to Tasker/(tasks|projects|profiles|scenes) depending on the file. You can then easily import it by long tapping on tasks/projects/profiles/scenes.

    You can share files via the file browser, just using the .xml files which are created by Tasker, but you can also share straight from the Tasker UI:
    Long tap the scene/task/profile you want to send -> Export -> XML in Email -> AutoShare Command -> Run Task/Tasker File

    Import the Project. You will have to create 2 AutoShare commands: "Run Task" and "Tasker File", select them for the appropriate profiles and you're good to go.

Recent Reviews

  1. RiseUp
    Version: 2015-12-10
    This project gets you as close as possible to remotely managing Tasker on your other devices. Well done!