Set DeviantArt Daily Deviations as Wallpaper

Learn how to get image URL with AutoTools HTML Read and set it as wallpaper

  1. autormali
    Learn how to get image URL from DeviantArt with AutoTools HTML Read and set it as wallpaper.


    • Create new task. Call it Daily Deviaitions Wallpaper.
    • Add AutoTools HTML Read action.
    • In the URL field write
    • In the CSS Queries field write a.thumb=:=data-super-full-img
    • In the Variable Names enter link.
    • Add Flash action %link.
    • Run the task. Check if URL to image is toasted.
    /!\ URL has been changed to above one. URL in the video is absolete.
    When you inspect the Daily Deviaitions HTML, you can see that the image we want to set as wallpaper has CSS query a.thumb. We will choose the largest avaiable image URL - it has data-super-full-img attribute.

    The task gets the first image URL from the page. It's not neccessary to get the remaining images URLs because the order of the images on the page is changing many times during the day.​


    • Add AutoTools Wallpapers/Muzei action.
    • Choose Direct Wallpaper Setting. In the Wallpaper field enter %link.
    • Add new profile. Call it DeviantArt Wallpaper.
    • For the profile set Time context. Set the fields according to your needs there.
    • Choose Daily Deviaitions Wallpaper task.

    STEP 3 - TEST

    Huh... That was easy!