Share YouTube URL to Windows and get MP3 1.1.1

Send YouTube URL to EventGhost in order to download and convert video to MP3

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    You need to have installed:
    - on your phone: AutoShare, AutoRemote, Tasker and YouTube app.
    - on your PC: Windows PC, EventGhost , application for downloading from Youtube and converting to mp3 (more about application below) and optionally (for Chrome Fallback): Join for Chrome or Windos10 or AutoRemote for Chrome.

    To be able to launch remotely application on PC - setup EventGhost like in step 4 in this tutorial. Command "launch=:=" is used with AutoRemote in this project.

    Follow section Copying some text from your phone to the Windows clipboard here. This will setup EventGhost to receive phone clipboard to PC clipboard. Command "copy=:=" is used to pass YouTube URL with AutoRemote to PC clipboard.

    Dowload and install Free YouTube to MP3 Converter on your PC. It can be any other application but it must have options to automatically add URL from PC clipboard to download queue and automatically start downloads. Most of applications for downloading and converting YouTube to mp3 have these options.
    In the converter enable the following options:

    2016-07-17 20_45_49-Options.jpg

    Create profile with AutoShare Event context . In configuration Add Command and enter new command name to YouTube to MP3.

    Add New Task with actions:
    1. Variable Set >Name:%app To: Free YouTube to MP3 Converter
    2. Flash > Text: Opening %app on my PC
    3. AutoRemote Message > Recipient: Your EventGhost Name, Message: launch=:=%app, Continue Task After Error:On
    4. Flash > Text: Sending to my PC: %assubject
    5. AutoRemote Message > Recipient: Your EventGhost Name, Message: copy=:=%astext , Continue Task After Error:On

    Rename created profile to YouTube URL To MP3 On PC.

    You may set recipient to your EventGhost name in actions 3 and 5.
    If you use different application for downloading/converting you need to set %app variable to this application exact name.

    Lets give it a try!

    Share URL link in YouTube app on you phone with AutoShare Command and select YouTube to MP3 command.


    The rest will go automatically. It launches YouTube to MP3 application on your PC and sets PC clipboard to YouTube URL.
    You enabled auto-paste clipboard and auto-download options in PC application before. You can enjoy your cup of coffee now.
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