Time Zone Converter 2018-09-27

Ever wanted to know what the time is in a different time zone?

  1. joaomgcd
    If you have at least Tasker version 5.4.6b (you might need to join the beta) you can also directly import this project from here.

    This project contains a task called Convert Time.

    When ran standalone, this Task will ask you the
    • time
    • timezone from
    • timezone to
    Then the task will call the Timezonedb web service and convert the time for you.

    It'll look something like this:

    You can also call the task from another task (with the Perform Task action) and get the result there.
    You can optionally pre-set the time you want to convert in Parameter 1, and the zones in Parameter 2.

    If either of these parameters is missing, the task will ask for the missing info.

    If you want to add in more time zones, edit the Convert Time task and change the Array Set action (it's action 10) to include the time zones you need!
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