Track Delivery Packages (DHL, Fedex, etc..) 1.8

Learn how to easily track any number of packages from Tasker

  1. Wait 1 minute after adding tracking

    Previously it would wait 10 seconds after adding a new tracking to check it. That was often not enough for Aftership to get all the data, so now it waits 1 minute.
  2. Made all couriers show up in "Add Tracking"

    Previously it tried to detect the tracking courier automatically. That doesn't always work so now it lists all your couriers.
  3. Added "Add Tracking" Task

    Added a task that allows you to easily add a new tracking via a series of dialogs.
  4. Fixed for courier ids with '-' in their name

    Fixed for courier ids with '-' in their name
  5. Fixed Deleting Tracking

    Was always using the test number for deletion. Fixed that now.
  6. Fixed Bug

    Fixed issue where it was always creating the test package instead of the package you really entered.
  7. Automatic syncing with

    Added Automatic syncing with

    Tracking info is no longer kept on the device but is always fetched from This allows you to not have to keep any local data and makes package managing easier.
  8. Automatically creates tracking on Aftership if it doesn't exist

    Made the Check Package Task automatically create the tracking on if it doesn't exist so it's one less manual step for the user.