AutoVoice Free Security/IP Camera With Tasker

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    A lot of this has to do with other things besides Tasker and the plugins. However I still wanted to show this off. (I added it to the media portion of the forum)

    In the video, I downloaded a free PC app called YAWCAM. I set it up and configured it. YAWCAM will give any web cam an IP Address so you can stream your feed. No need to buy an IP Cam when you can make any web cam an IP Cam.

    On my phone I downloaded a app called IP CAM VIEWER LITE. I set it up and configured it. The app on the phone streams the stream from YAWCAM. This makes it where you can view your web cam from your phone.

    Then all I did was go into Tasker and create a simple Autovoice recognize profile and simple task to launch IP CAM VIEWER LITE.

    Now, I can view what is going on inside my home from anywhere using voice.

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