Multiple AutoApps (REQUIRES ROOT) Adding Dates from Facebook Contacts to Google Contacts

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    I've created a project that will extract birthday data for a selected contact from your Facebook account and flash it on the screen. This can be useful for updating your google contacts with. I've automated as much of it as I thought could be done without going overboard.

    How It Works:
    Every time the Contacts app is opened, AutoNotifcation will produce a notification with three buttons. The "Request" and "Query" button will essentially do the same thing. "Request" will use AutoInput to find the contact's name on the screen after you select the specific contact. "Query" will allow the user to manually input the contact's name. The "Cancel" button will cancel the notification. Ultimately the project will compare the contact's name against the facebook database file (<------ THIS IS WHERE ROOT ACCESS IS REQUIRED). If a match is found, a flash will show the name and his/her birthday for you to enter.​

    Things to note:
    1. Make sure you have the contact selected before tapping the "Request" button.
    2. In the instance that you have a friend with a facebook name that doesn't match their real name i.e. Joao Dias --> Joaomgcd ;) , you would have to manually input the contact name using the "query" button.
    3. It won't tell you the birthday year (to find out how old they are) because that information isn't stored in the database file.

    Hope you can get some use out of it like I did, or modify it for something else!

    Link to Google Plus Post in the Tasker Plugins by Joaomgcd community:

    Youtube Link:

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    Thanks for sharing! :)
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    Can not import project after unzip file

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