Bottom Swipe Quick Actions 2017-07-13

Create 3 quick actions that are always available by swiping up on the navigation buttons

  1. joaomgcd
    This is how this will look like in the end:

    Swiping up will work on any screen in any situation :)
    To get this project download the attached file.
    First you need to run the Bottom Swipe Setup task in Tasker to create the 3 overlays at the bottom.
    In this example swiping the back button will open a bottom buttons screen, swiping the home button will bring up AutoVoice Recognition and swiping the app switch button will bring up Solid Explorer.
    To change what each swipe does, edit the task in the React To Bottom Swipes profile and change the actions inside each If action.

    Important Note: some users have reported that swiping from the bottom is not working on their devices or that it's not responsive enough. If that's the case you can always use the default side swipe if you need to.

Recent Reviews

  1. Luc
    Version: 2017-07-13
    Running smoothly on Moto G5s Plus (Oreo 8.1)
  2. Matt Burns
    Matt Burns
    Version: 2017-07-13
    Excellent resource for my Samsung S5 on Marshmallow.

    I was using Swipe Home Screen originally to achieve the same results, namely wanting 3 swipe options: Recents - Home - Back, because it's easier and faster to swipe than press the buttons. But the App wasn't reliable for me anymore after development seemed to cease.

    I've been using the next best App I could find: All in one Gestures, but the left and right lower areas must be corners, not strips, and I've never liked it for that reason because the swipe areas are far too small. Enlarging its corners prevents proper key / button presses in some other Apps I use.

    But this swipe project is precisely what I've wanted for the last 12 months and only just found today. I tweaked the swipe strips, reducing their width from 150 to 100 then increased the strip height from 10 to 15, and it's excellent. Responsiveness increased after the height adjustment, and after I used the function a number of times. It's easy to tweak the settings to suit yourself.

    An excellent, easily configurable resource that works as claimed. I'm very happy with it and grateful to Joao.