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  1. IVIanuuu
    Today i wanna share my similar songs finder it works like this:)

    1. You copy the songs url (in the player goto to the 3 dot menu in the player than to "share" and then press "copy link")
    2. Then it asks if you like to create an playlist with similar songs
    3. It user the last fm api to get similar songs
    4. It searches them in Spotify
    5. It creates a new playlist called "similar songs to %song" and add the songs to it sorted by popularity
    6. It asks you to start playing the playlist

    You have to have autotools(for the dialogs), AutoSpotify(for the search stuff) and AutoWeb (to use the last fm api and create a Spotify playlist) installed on your device.. All 3 are alphas :)
    If you find a bug or have a Feature request write down in comments:)

    1. Download the project
    2. Import it into tasker(profile)
    3. Setup the AutoWeb stuff
    4. Edit the value for the minimum popularity of the Songs and the limit how many songs you wanna get back from
    5. Enjoy:))

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  1. Denniz
    Version: 1.0
    Weldone project from the best developers