Text Expansion 2.0

Replaces a codeword with a predefined value

  1. IVIanuuu
    YouTube demo:

    Hey guys this text expansion, it helps you to write complicated or long text such as your phone number your social links or everything you can think of with just a small code :) if it recognizes a "codeword" with autoinput ui query it replaces the text with an predefined value :) it works basically in every app and the profile becomes active by the choose Keyboard notification :)) you need to have Tasker, autonotifications and autoinput installed to make this work:) the profile is not complex but so useful in some situations :)

    - Download the profile
    - make sure the name of the file is "Text_Expansion_2.0.prf.xml"
    - Import it into tasker
    - edit the notification title trigger in the profile
    - edit the values in the task
    - you can add your own codewords just copy the actions from 17 to 24 and then paste it under the end if at the bottom and edit the values:)

Recent Reviews

  1. RiseUp
    Version: 2.0
    This looks great! It allows us to have text expansion capability without having to install a 3rd party app.
  2. Rob van Brunschot
    Rob van Brunschot
    Version: 2.0
    Looks very nice, I am playing around with this profile.