Monitor for Wear battery drain wear battery drain v2.1

alerts you to excessive battery drain

  1. pbilton85
    Just a simple task and profile that monitors your android wear Battery life every 30minutes and alerts you if it is excessive.

    On occasions you may have noticed your battery dropping steeply in the space off a short time. The reason for this is still unknown and doesn't happen all the time but when it does, your often left away from your charger with a expensive paper weight on your wrist.

    This profile will monitor your battery every 30 minutes, although you can change it to 20,15,10 etc minutes if you want. It will alert you if the drain is more than 5% and recommends you restart your watch.

    The alert has a noticeable vibration pattern to alert you, thus saving you as much juice as possible.
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  1. Paradoxe
    Version: wear battery drain v2.1
    Useful and interesting, I learned a lot from your project
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    Version: wear battery drain v2.1
    really helpful