quick launch saved addresses through autowear 2015-06-28

Save address on your phone and select through autowear

  1. pbilton85
    I have created this project to help with journey planning. We as a family like visiting different places on days out and sometimes spend ages trying to find the address of the next place to go. If there's poor internet signal this can take its time.
    I created this so before we head out i can save the addresses before hand and can quickly start navigating when i need it.

    Using a autoshare command accessed by pressing any share button on your phone and choosing autoshare command>Location
    It will open a pop up to add a postcode or address and a field to enter a name aswell.

    Once an Address is saved it is accessible on your watch by either selecting a autowear app shortcut "commute" or saying "saved addresses" in a autowear voice screen or linking your own command to the relevant task. I have it as part of my dynamic floating icon for when I'm not at home.

    When the list opens tap on the name and it will open maps on your phone, start navigating and if gps isnt on or set it should select yes on the pop up.

    Points to note;
    On first time sharing a address a pop up will appear asking for your home address, this will always be the first address in the autowear list.

    You may have to create the autoshare command yourself as I'm not sure its copied over from my device to yours. The command is "Location" to be created in the autoshare app.

    You will have to resize or reposition the pop up scenes for your device.

    It only saves 6 address not including the home address. It will always delete the oldest address, if you dissect how i have set everything out you can easily add more spaces.

    Enjoy and hope you get some use out of it and don't forget to rate if you can.

Recent Reviews

  1. Veas15
    Version: 2015-06-28
    Just what I needed for my upcoming trip. Works well. Thanks!
  2. DarkDarwin
    Version: 2015-06-28
    Thank you very useful!
    1. pbilton85
      Author's Response
      Thank you, it's been quite handy for me a few times now.