Youtube control on android wear 2015-04-26

search YouTube and play on phone or tv

  1. pbilton85
    As shown on G+ this is my project for Youtube on android wear.

    On the first screen:
    Top: refreshes the screens in the left menu, subscriptions, history, like etc.

    Right: shows Previous searches.

    Bottom: takes you to the remote.

    Left: takes you to your subscriptions, Likes, History, Favourites and uploads.

    Centre: voice prompt for something to search.

    Once a search is completed or you clicked on any other video screen it will open your phone and start playing the video.
    If it doesn't, it might be because of screen lock. Mines disabled with my watch.

    Once a video is playing, go back to the main menu then bottom to open remote.

    Long tap the centre to pause. Tap to play.

    Top right is to cast to tv. Tap to cast. (you will have to go into tasker, search for cast to tv task. Change the input that selects device and redo it to your device.)
    Double tap should disconnect Casting-this was working intermittently for me but will try and fix.

    Once you have started casting you can now search for more videos to play or queue. Either do a search or look in your subs,favs etc. Double tap a video to play on tv, long tap to add to TV queue.

    The cast button will disappear once screen is off.

    All my images where in the download folder, and then a folder called Youtube tasker i believe. Put your images in same folder and they should load up.

    Hope this works for you guys and enjoy.

    Don't forget to rate, and comment for any suggestions, criticism or improvements.

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