Monitor for Wear battery drain wear battery drain v2.1

alerts you to excessive battery drain

  1. new features added

    In this version i have added to the features.
    In a autowear voice Screen say "battery manager" or you can link it to a autowear app. This will open a list screen.
    In this list screen has the current battery level.
    Tilt to on Toggle.
    Always on/ambient Toggle.
    Dim brightness.
    Change watch face to battery friendly face.
    Set battery level monitor value.

    The 2 toggles uses autoinput to toggle both tilt and always on modes to help save battery. I used it today when out walking and using MY TRACKS to counteract the extra battery usage.

    The change watch face changes it to a standard black face in the wear app.

    Set Monitor value is keyboard screen so you can change the value to stop false readings. Default is set to 5%.

    The above is accessible by either saying "battery manager" in a autowear voice Screen or in the notification that is created when excess battery usage is detected.

    Please either rate or let me know if it doesn't work for you. It works with my LG R watch and hoping I've done enough to work with the 360.

    Also note it uses the autoinput beta unlock feature.
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