Netatmo Weather Station 2.0

Display the data of your own Netatmo Weather station on a Notification

  1. AgP42

    this project allows you to connect to your Netatmo Weather station in order to get your own weather data and display them into a notification.

    Configuration :
    1. Go to, log with your account and create an app with scope "read station"
    2. Run the Tasker task "Ask API data", it will ask you the Client ID and Client Secret key just generated above

    It is possible to use AutoNotification or not (not by default, but you can activate it if you have AutoNotification).

    Here are the screenshot with both notification (native Tasker AND AutoNotification)


    The infos displayed are the temperature and humidity for both internal and external module and the CO2 for the internal module. It display also the full date and time where the data has been mesured.

    You can also launch Netatmo app by clicking on the notification (or on the button)

    How to activate the AutoNotification notification :
    On the task "Api Station Data", activate the action 11 and desactivate 12 (long press and the symbol "start/stop")

    If you like, you can modify this project to display the info on a widget instead of notification, to do so you can take inspiration from this tutorial (Zooper or KWGT) :

    (AutoTools is requested to read JSON from Netatmo API and to format timestamp to date and time)

    Enjoy !

    v2 - 31.01.2020 : modification of the standart notification to allow remplacement of the previous one
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