Wallpaper daily changer (Unsplash images) 1.0

Daily change your wallpaper without image download and with the category you like !

  1. AgP42

    this project allow to set your wallpaper from Unsplash images, without any intermediate download on your phone memory.

    Functions :
    - Daily wallpaper change, following the keyword you set
    - Change the keyword for your wallpaper search. You can search several keyword, for example "cat,city,blue"
    - Manually change the wallpaper

    Better than words :

    Many apps like this one exist on the play store, but they are full of ads or trackers, thanks to tasker, this is over !

    How to use :
    - Launch the task "Notif (Launch it !!!)" to create the persistant notification (this task will also be automatically launch at phone startup) - NO need of AutoNotification
    - Open the notification to access the 3 actions :
    1. change keyword
    2. activate/desactivate the daily update
    3. manually change now the wallpaper

    Need of AutoTools for :
    - Web screen "Loading dialog"
    - Set the wallpaper from an URL
    - Dialog box (new keyword and on/off auto-update)

    Let me know if any bugs
    (Or just if you like it... always nice ;-) )

    Enjoy it,
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