Sunrise, setset triggers ! 2019-10-11

Sunset, sunrise and other daily specific datas ready to use in your scenarios

  1. AgP42

    this projet will allow you to use or display many daily&local specifics infos :
    - Sunset time, according to your current location
    - Sunrise time
    - Solar noon
    - UTC offset
    - Week number
    - day of the year and day of the week
    - your IP adress
    - your gps position

    To do so it uses 2 (free and tokenless) API, big thanks to them ! :

    The main task of the project is "Get Daily Data", it is triggered every night, it does :
    - localize you thanks to your network (precise enough without battery drain)
    - call sunset-sunrise api to get sun data at UTC time for your localization
    - call worldtime api to get the UTC offset (according to your ip adress)
    - use AutoTools time to mix the sun time and UTC offset and output the variables that you can directly use on Tasker profile !
    - display a notification with all the info, for debug use.

    Then the project has 3 triggers pre-set to trigger a task at sunset, another at sunrise and another at solarnoon. For demo I just trigger a notification...


    So, it is ready to use for your projects !

    Enjoy !