Task Assist - Easily Manage AutoNotification's New Blocking Feature 1.1

View all details regarding blocked app notifications in an easy to read format.

  1. Tasker Pro
    The latest version of AutoNotification includes the ability to completely block (and un-block at anytime) notifications from specific apps, along with further criteria such as Title/Text. The big benefit is that even though they're blocked, AutoNotification can still pick up on them by using its "Intercept" Profile Event.

    However once you have a bunch of blocks setup, it's easy to lose track, and although AutoNotification includes a "Query" for any blocks, all data is returned in Tasker arrays and it could use a good way to better visualize it. Hence the creation of this Helper Task.

    When run - this Task will display a list of all Apps whose notifications are currently blocked, including any specific criteria such as Title/Text:

    To then un-block any app listed - simply click its listing, and a confirmation dialog will appear for you to confirm the unblock:

    (Also all the Dialog colors are easily customizable in the first Action).[​IMG]

    (NOTE: Task Requirements: AutoNotification and AutoTools)