Task Assist - Get All AutoNotification Variables and Values 2017-07-12

View all 50+ AutoNotification variables to help with Tasks using the Intercept Profile or Query.

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    returns a massive amount of variables [long pic] when an AutoNotification Query is run (50+ variables!), and likewise can it accept a large number of inputs in an "AutoNotification Intercept" Profile.

    Many times when making a Task with AutoNotification - it can be a head-scrather as to which variables contain what information, and often times even hidden data from a notification is in the variables that can't be seen except by Tasker.

    Use this Helper Task to Query any notification in your Status Bar so you can see exactly what AutoNotification 'sees', and into which variables it puts that information.

    The output is then put into an AutoTools Dialog (or you can substitute a Scene) or, put it into the Clipboard for you to look at in a text editor:


    There are options in the first few actions for all these features, including color selection:

    After you import - configure your exact Query parameters in the first Action A1 related to the notification in your Status Bar you want to see all AutoNotification's variables for, then run the Task right in the Task Edit Window. It will then show you everything it finds!

    Note by default when you first Import the Task - the first Action is configured to query for an App > Tasker notification. So if you have Tasker showing its notification in your status bar - you can immediately run the Task to show you what it does. :)

    (NOTE: Task Requirements - AutoNotification and AutoTools)


    UPDATE - VERSION 2.0 -
    This updated version uses a companion Task to bring up a list menu [pic] of all Apps that are currently displaying notifications in the status bar for you to choose from, and that is the notification that will be queried for all its data.

    This makes the whole process a lot easier. Thanks to reddit /u/szmerek for the enhancement idea. This version also allows long-clicking the output items in the list menu to copy them to the clipboard.

    (And anytime you might still want a very detailed query - Action A1 can be powered "on" to overide the quick menu.)

    To Import 2.0 - download both these Taskernet files (links updated 02/12/2021):

    XML for Main Task V2.0
    XML for menu dialog Task.

    AutoTools required for this version.

    Further Questions? - Can post here in the forum or on reddit at /r/Tasker and contact moderator /u/Ratchet_Guy
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Recent Reviews

  1. capstan
    Version: 2017-07-12
    Wow, that thing is so helpful for finding out the variables! Thank you!
  2. Adam Lopresto
    Adam Lopresto
    Version: 2017-07-12
    Wonderfully helpful when trying to develop a new task, and trying to figure out how all the various variables are set for an actual notification.