Task Assist - Run a "UI Query" easily on ANY screen to grab all its info for AutoInput. 3.0

Easily find out which Text Elements and ID's AutoInput can 'see' when it looks at any screen.

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    Often times when using AutoInput in a Task, you'll need information about the screen you're going to be using AutoInput actions on. This is currently made somewhat easier by using AutoInput's "Easy Setup" mode, as you can go to a specific app screen and select the text/element.

    However - if that doesn't work, and/or you want to use a similar Action on other parts of that same screen, normally you'd have to go back and forth, over and over, with Easy Setup to find the test/id, and that can become tedious.

    Also - you sometimes want to run a UI Query Action in a Task, and then afterwards look for certain Text or Element ID's in the arrays UI Query returns, but in order for you to program Tasker to look for certain text/ids - you have to be able to 'see' what AutoInput sees when it looks at the screen. Well worry no more...

    SOLUTION - Created the Task below that uses AutoInput UI Query, along with the Snackbar Plugin (free version), to make a system where you can go to any screen, have AutoInput take a 'snapshot' of everything AutoInput sees, and Tasker then puts that info in the Clipboard for you to view in any text editor, and then use that info to better create your AutoInput Tasks.

    Here is a video showing this whole Task system in action.

    The Task also features a "time delay" feature, so if you need some time to click around on a specific screen before the Query runs, you have that option as well.

    ** You can Download/Import the Task XML Here via Taskernet and again - it just needs the Snackbar Plugin and of course AutoInput. If you don't have Snackbar, feel free to install it from the link above, and/or - you could modify the Task to use a Tasker Scene to perform a similar function as seen in the above video.

    Make sure to tap/check the Updates Tab at the top of this screen to see any additional versions and enhancements.

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