Task to send a Whatsapp message 2018-05-10

Use a simple URL to start a message and AutoInput to click on the Send button

  1. joaomgcd
    Import the attached task to easily send a Whatsapp message!

    This task will:
    • Take the values in %par1 (number) and %par2 (text)
    • Build a Whatsapp URL that will directly open a chat with that number and text
    • Use AutoInput to send the chat
    • Press back 2 times with AutoInput to go back to where you were
    To use this Task:
    • Create a new Task
    • Use the Perform Task action
    • Set Parameter 1 to the number you want to contact
    • Set Parameter 2 to the text you want to send
    Now you can very easily and quickly send a Whatsapp message to anyone! :cool:

Recent Reviews

  1. Patrick Teo
    Patrick Teo
    Version: 2018-05-10
    Great, gives me an easy way to send a standard Whatsapp message that I'm on my way home.