Volume Keys Mapping 2.0

Fully customize your device's volume keys behavior

  1. Big update

    Project updated with some error fixes, improved reliability by removing unnecessary wait actions and better error management.
    With this version is no longer necessary to specify the number of commands in the text file.
    Is now also possibile to use any number of key presses; Tasker will now wait until a certain timeout has passed since the last button release
  2. File structure changed

    Made a few changes in the file structure (old format won't work anymore, please read instructions again carefully!) and some little adjustments
  3. Added "Show Commands" task

    Added a "Show Commands" task to quickly get a toast showing all the commands contained in the text file. You can also use this tasks to populate a scene, instead of using a toast
  4. Just a few adjustments

    Just a quick update to make some little adjustments