AutoInput OTP (One Time Password) 2018-05-07

Input OTP Automatically

  1. downloader
    It is very tedious to input One Time Password aka OTP received in sms, to automate the process I have created a quick profile to extract the otp and copy and paste to input text field. I hope it will be useful.
    If somehow it does not work try to test here
    Do share if there is any improvement to regular expression.

    1. Autotools for regular expression matching.
    2. Autoinput for pasting the otp in an input text field.

    This profile will retrieve the SMS and extract OTP (One Time Password)
    If the screen is on, it will ask you to copy and paste otp.

    Make sure text input field is focused. Otherwise the otp is copied in clipboard as well.
    This profile can be further extended to send OTP message to Autoremote Devices such as Chrome notification, Eventghost (copy to desktop system clipboard or autoinput to system) etc.

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