LiveDisplay Control 1.0

Manually control Screen Filter

  1. downloader
    Control CF.lumen/LineageOS LiveDisplay through Tasker (root)

    The purpose of these tasks is to reduce eye strain while watching mobile/laptop screen at night.
    Read here
    f.lux - windows
    redshift - linux
    cf.lumen - android (using since kitkat)

    1. CF.Lumen or Inbuilt LiveDisplay (Settings > Display).
    2. Tasker

    For this, configure CF.lumen in manual mode only.
    Master Filter Mode: Disabled.
    Notification mode: Never
    Driver: Best Quality

    This profile or task enable you to control different settings of LiveDisplay according as per your choice.

    If you dont want to install CF.lumen then inbuilt LiveDisplay should also work, however I felt the CF.lumen root driver with Best Quality is great.

    Feel free to change the task settings or extend as you like.

    My daily use is to integrate these tasks in quick settings bar. Tasker has options to add some customize quick settings there.