"ok google" voice detection when screen is off (root) 2018-07-21

"ok google" when screen is off

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    How to force “ok google” hotword to work when the Screen is Off (root)

    The device can be used in similar fashion for always on listening devices like Google Home or Alexa.


    • Rooted phone
    This is required to switch on the display when the display is off.
    Enable Voice detection in Google Search app settings from app or from any screen.
    Browse intents and import "Google Now Voice Search" intent.

    All Set!!
    Import this Project File in Tasker.
    Press the power button to make the screen off, after few seconds say hotword "ok google", "hi google", "hey google". It will open google voice search with display on and then you can provide voice command.

    • Variable okGoogleEnabledOnPower=false will drain your battery faster. To use only while charging when display is off use okGoogleEnabledOnPower=true
    • Locked screen will not work though some of the voice commands will work.
    • Background Media Playing will not work properly.