Control VLC Player remotely 1.0

Control VLC Player remotely

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    Inspired by the joaomgcd's Kodi automated project, I have created some tasks to control VLC Player remotely.

    1. Remote VLC player
    2. Tasker

    You need to enable VLC's http/web interface.
    Make sure you are able to access it via browser http://host:port/

    Edit variablels and run the setup task first.
    VLCUsername is not being used by VLC player. Change the VLCPassword and other settings as per VLC configuration.

    Extend it as you may like for more advance integration as shown in Kodi, Yatse and Tasker integration.
    For eg: add AutoVoice actions.

    Note: There is no such thing to search and play media in VLC http interface. However if you know the absolute path of the file, you can start playing the file like this:
    curl -G -H "Authorization: Basic ${base64auth}" localhost:8080/requests/status.xml --data-urlencode "command=in_play" --data-urlencode "input=${filename}"