Chrome command window

Create a 'persistent' chrome notification to quickly interact with your phone from any computer.

  1. rowman
    Now i will briefly explain the main steps to create this notification and a few ideas how to use it
    • What to you need:
      - AutoRemote and Tasker
      - Chrome Plugin for AutoRemote
      - Eventghost (optional)
    • How to "start" this notification:
      I use Eventghost to send an Autoremote message to my phone every time it boots up or it resumes from energy saving etc. . (use Main.OnInit and Main.OnResume in Eventghost - see eventghost forums for more information)
    • There are no persistent chrome notifications - a very simple workaround:
      As it often happens to me that I accidentally dismiss the notification I respond to the "Action on Dismiss" command from the Autoremote Notification by resending the notification to chrome (not really good, but it works..)
    • How to setup the AutoRemote Notification:
      - Set Action on Dismiss (see above)
      - Set Action to "chromecommand=:="
      - Set ActionPopup to "Type your command:" (whatever you want)
      If you write a command into the popup it will be send to your phone like this: "chromecommand=:=INPUTCOMMAND"
      React in Tasker with the filter "chromecommand=:=(?<ccmd>.+)" . The variable "ccmd" will contain your command.
    • A few ideas how to use this notification:
      - Text starting with "CB" will be copied to the phones clipboard.
      - "WA name - text" sends a whatsapp message to 'name' with the text 'text' (see for more information or ask me)
      --> This is not very useful since Whatsapp web recently started...)
      - "beep" lets the phone ring to find it ;-)
      - ...
    Feel free to ask me questions or correct mistakes !