[ALPHA] Tasker Desktop Editor 0.1.9

A small java program to modify Tasker profiles/events/states on your computer

  1. rowman
    Hi :)

    I am using Tasker since a few years and from the first day I hated handling dozens of task/profiles/actions/... on a small screen.
    To solve this problem I started the freetime project "Tasker Desktop Editor" a few weeks ago.
    Before you get too excited:
    It's a very early alpha version! But nevertheless I wanted to get a little bit feedback (proof of concept) before I invest more freetime in this project ;-)

    The Tasker Desktop Editor (TDE) is small java tool that modifies the userbackup.xml file of Tasker.
    • Create or modifiy Tasker profiles/tasks/actions/events/states.
    • Modify ALL existing plugin actions/events/... (not create!)
    • Supports creation of NEW plugin elements for: AutoVoice, AutoNotification, AutoWear, AutoShare, AutoInput, AutoRemote
    • Wireless synchronization between phone and computer with a standalone android app!
    • Right click a field to get a list of all global/local variables!
    • Automaticly loads list of available apps/images from your phone.
    • Drag and drop to sort your projects, profiles and tasks
    Known bugs:
    • Scenes are not editable
    • For existing plugin actions/etc not-optional fields can be saved without content.
    • more...

    Have a look at Readme.txt for in depth information ;-)
    Or join the G+ community:



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    2. TDE_preview.png
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