Send Whatsapp messages with Google Now

Send Whatsapp messages to your contacts with a simple voice command through Google Now.

  1. rowman
    A simple tutorial to send messages in whatsapp with a google now command. Say: "Ok Google. Whatsapp message to NAME write TEXT".
    • What you need:
      - Tasker
      - AutoVoice, AutoInput, AutoContacts, AutoShortcut
      - Whatsapp
    • Tasker profile:
      Condition: Auto Voice Recognized:
      Whatsapp message to (?<name>.+) write (?<text>.+)
    • Entry Task:
      1. AutoContacts: Nickname: %name
        (to get the full name and the telephone number)
      2. Variable search and replace to modify the contatcs number: remove spaces by searching for ” ” and replacing it with “”
        AutoContacts returns
        %acnumber=017 011 234 567

      3. Whatsapp needs the telephone number starting with the country code (49 for Germany), if you saved your contact’s numbers without you have to modify the number first:

        I use search for “01″ and replace with “491″
        In Germany cell phone number’s always start with 01 so this works very well.
        49 for 0:
        or remove 00
      4. Save a variable %intent with the following content:
        (dont forget to change the two variable names %whatsappnumber and %acname to your variables !)

      5. Then add a AutoShortcut task and use %intent variable for the “Shortcut Intent String”. This task opens the Whatsapp contact.
      6. Set your clipboard to %text variable.
      7. Use AutoInput to paste it into the whatsapp text field (easy setup works fine)
      8. If you are sure google always understands everything right: use AutoInput to press the “send” button.
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