Open pictures directly on the computer

Use AutoShare/AutoRemote to send pictures from your phone to your computer and open them instantly.

  1. rowman
    In the following i will give you a short instruction on how to create a AutoShare Command that will send a picture to your computer and open it.

    • What you need:
      - Tasker, AutoShare, AutoRemote
      - Eventghost on your computer (with a configured file storage)
    • AutoShare configuration:
      Open AutoShare and go to "Manage Commands" and press "+" to enter your command text. In the following tutorial i will use "Open Picture on PC".
    • Tasker profile:
      Add a profile with an AutoShare condition and press "Command filter" to choose the command "Open Picture on PC".
    • Entry task:
      1. Autoremote message:
        Message: phoneFile
        Files: %asfile(1)
    • Eventghost part:
      - Trigger: AutoRemote.message.phoneFile
      - Python Script:
      #Python script open file
      from os import startfile
      myFile = eg.event.payload.files[0]
    Feel free to ask me questions or to correct mistakes!
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