[ALPHA] Tasker Desktop Editor 0.1.9

A small java program to modify Tasker profiles/events/states on your computer

  1. android setup added, time and day events supported,...

    Tasker Desktop Editor -
    Version 0.1.9 available!
    Main Features:
    - new setup screen for the Android app
    - Time and Day events support added
    - sort Projects/profiles /Tasks
    - improved variable handling/detection

    Community & Download link:

    - added setup screen (first app start + button in the menu)
    --> links to g+ and youtube, email for help...
  2. better condition, profile and variable support

    - next version
    - fixed: profiles without entry task (only exit task) allowed + profiles without entry task will no longer cause a crashes
    - profile edit window: edit task button changed to "clear entry/exit task" - edit entry/exit task by clicking on the task name
    - fixed: close output stream after saving backup
    - added new settings for Tasks (no gui atm, e.g. stayawake)
    - new popup menu for variables (rightclick textfields):
    --> scrollable list of all variables
  3. Tasker version 4.7, improved profile editing,...

    - updated to Tasker version 4.7
    - some changes to add Tasker event/action support in future versions (very long way to go..)
    - updated to Tasker version 4.7
    - fixed: close "app chooser window" without accept
    - added: option to send crashlog directly via mail
    - fixed: TDE will no longer reset the selected sorting method for tasks/profiles
    - display errors (e.g. datadef.xml outdated) only once
    - remake: new welcome/ file chooser window
    - show entry/exit...
  4. Improved profile editing, update check, bugfixes

    - bugfixes
    - added: simple update check with google drive forwarding
    - profile edit window: entry/exit task remake
    --> add new dialog to choose a entry/exit task
    --> easily search for tasks
    --> all tasks in one list or a single list for each project
    - profile edit window: removed settings (redundant)
    - fixed: always edit selected entry/exit task in profile edit window + crash fix
    - fixed: crash after loading backup with multiple apps in profile...
  5. better icon & app support, crash fixes, improvements, ...

    - new popup dialog if app receives a new backup from TDE (replace existing backup or create a copy)
    - fixed: don't list computer without running TDE client
    - fixed: don't compress app icons with a black background
    - fixed: load backup file correctly
    - fixed: send back backup file if TDE requests it
    - fixed: saving received files on sdcard failed in some situations
    - crash fix: receive backup while TDE is running in the background
    - check if WiFi network available before...
  6. App and Icon Support added, bugfixes, ...

    - moved apk 2 directories up
    - sends list of all installed apps to TDE
    --> choose app icons on your computer
    --> choose apps for e.g. launch app from original list
    - fixed: creating new profiles / tasks in an emtpy backup
    - fixed: create empty backup instead if original backup not found
    - fixed: entry/exit task not showing / changing correctly
    - fixed: variable state: disabled add and remove button
    - many visual changes / fixes
    - added icon / image...
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  7. New Android App

    I created a new Android standalone App that communicates with TDE on the computer. It connects to TDE over WiFi and sends/ receives the backup file.
    Temporarly, I removed the AutoInput implementation to import/export the backup file - this is on my ToDo for the next version.

    Keep in mind that both, the Android and PC App, are still alpha versions.
    Report bugs here or: rowmanapps@gmail.com

    Changelog: v0.1.3
    - added new standalone app to communicate with the TDE on...
  8. Variable support, drag and drop, many bugfixes

    - added variable support
    --> allow variables for integer fields
    --> right click allowed field to get all global variables, click to enter
    - font size increased on hdpi devices
    - fixed backup of time trigger
    - fixed crash when backing up plugin trigger
    - fixed ask save or discard if a condition changed
    - show a dialog if a crash has occurred.
    - added drag and drop support to reorder tasks/profiles/projects and actions
    - added drag and drop support to import new userbackup.xml file...
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  9. some bug fixes

    - fixed config (show welcome screen on a new computer)
    - fixed problem with profiles and tasks not listed for some projects
    - removed null check in the 2nd condition for "is set, is not set, is odd, is even"