[ALPHA] Tasker Desktop Editor 0.1.9

A small java program to modify Tasker profiles/events/states on your computer

  1. android setup added, time and day events supported,...

    Tasker Desktop Editor -
    Version 0.1.9 available!
    Main Features:
    - new setup screen for the Android app
    - Time and Day events support added
    - sort Projects/profiles /Tasks
    - improved variable handling/detection

    Community & Download link:

    - added setup screen (first app start + button in the menu)
    --> links to g+ and youtube, email for help
    --> first steps to setup the TDE app
    - notification if TDE app receives a backup in the background
    --> fixed big and small icon
    --> touch notification will open TDE
    - main window is now scrollable
    - updated strings and german translations
    - new Quickstart guide (.pdf)
    - Day event support added
    --> new Date Picker dialog
    --> view and edit existing events
    --> add new Day events
    - Time event support added
    --> new Time Picker dialog
    --> view and edit existing events
    --> add new Time events
    - fixed: read correct "repeat value" from backup (time events)
    - Task Chooser window: fixed tab position - selecting a new project tab won't shuffle all tabs
    - Sort your projects, profiles and tasks
    --> custom, name (asc. & desc.)
    --> drag and drop sort disabled if sorting method != custom
    - under the hood: rewritten profile edit window and task edit window
    --> no save triggered without clicking "Save" button
    --> no warnings if not-optional fields are empty until the user clicks save
    - improved variable handling:
    --> TDE detects more local & global variables
    --> TDE understands math expressions combined with variables
    --> clicking a variable will append it to the existing content of a text field (not replacing it)
    - outdated datadef.xml version: TDE now tries to display more data if the datadef and backup version don't match
    - extract correct plugin name
    - Linux: fixed path seperators
    - crash fixes
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