[ALPHA] Tasker Desktop Editor 0.1.9

A small java program to modify Tasker profiles/events/states on your computer

  1. better icon & app support, crash fixes, improvements, ...

    - new popup dialog if app receives a new backup from TDE (replace existing backup or create a copy)
    - fixed: don't list computer without running TDE client
    - fixed: don't compress app icons with a black background
    - fixed: load backup file correctly
    - fixed: send back backup file if TDE requests it
    - fixed: saving received files on sdcard failed in some situations
    - crash fix: receive backup while TDE is running in the background
    - check if WiFi network available before broadcasting to network
    - partial fix: problems if connection to phone gets lost (additional fixes needed)
    - added: German translation
    - fixed: send request backup command to phone
    - fixed: ignore condition changes in actions if user leaves window without saving
    - fixed: correctly save changing an app condition
    - fixed: correctly save changing an image
    - fixed: error message if datadef file version and backup tasker version don't match
    - new options window if TDE can't load backup
    - added: log-file and error-file for easier troubleshooting (see data\log.txt and data\error.txt)
    - performance improvement: load images faster
    - added: icons for action categories
    - added: icons for conditions/states,...
    - added: place holder for adding new day,time,location conditions
    - added: 5 help options: g+ community, mail, open readme, open log file, open error file
    - reload icons after phones App list received
    - don't show deprecated actions
    - right click integer/string arguments: list of available variables includes local variables now
    - crash fixes
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