[ALPHA] Tasker Desktop Editor 0.1.9

A small java program to modify Tasker profiles/events/states on your computer

  1. better condition, profile and variable support

    - next version
    - fixed: profiles without entry task (only exit task) allowed + profiles without entry task will no longer cause a crashes
    - profile edit window: edit task button changed to "clear entry/exit task" - edit entry/exit task by clicking on the task name
    - fixed: close output stream after saving backup
    - added new settings for Tasks (no gui atm, e.g. stayawake)
    - new popup menu for variables (rightclick textfields):
    --> scrollable list of all variables
    --> search box added
    --> appends variable to the text instead of replacing it
    - new handling of conditions for Trigger/Actions:
    --> connect conditions with and/or/xor/etc
    --> update window after adding / removing conditions
    --> removed: add condition button while choosing a new action for a task (except if task)
    --> fixed: add new variable value trigger
    - workaround: default boolean value false if backup info missing
    - fixed: save selected option for arguments (e.g. display on / off)
    - added option to close all previous instances of TDE and starting a new one (temp lockFile removed)
    --> if TDE crashes immediately after the start this will help to start TDE again
    - added: menu button to open current backup file with standard editor
    - some improvements for HDPI devices, but swing ***** on high resolutions
    - crashfixes
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