Android Pie Screen Brightness Workaround v1.3

Android 9 screen brightness workaround

  1. SmartPhoneLover
    As some users reported having problems with the Display Brightness action on Android Pie, I have made a workaround task that may help these users.

    You can track the issue on:
    · Reddit (thread)
    · tasker.helprace (ticket)

    * The problem, in the end, was discarded by Joao, so there will be no other than to use this project (or your own method) to modify the brightness in those devices that present that abnormal functioning. Sorry.

    This project includes an Initial Setup task that needs to be executed when it is imported from TaskerNet, or when the dev considers it is needed even not imported from TaskerNet.

    - Thanks to @mehPhone (Reddit) for contributing, @gerardo246and and @JavierAlbalat for testing.
    - Go here to learn more about how Android Pie now manages the screen brightness function.
    - Not all people are experiencing the same situation. Some tells that is working fine, between correct and normal range (0-255). But others reports that Android is managing the brightness level far out of range, like: 0-4095.
    - To allow the project to set 0 (or lower = -15, ie) level correctly on some devices, you will have to grant the 'WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS' permission to Tasker. Or have root.

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