Battery Monitor v1.2

Keep and eye at your battery when charging

  1. SmartPhoneLover
    Here you have a small project to be aware of the status of your battery at the time of charging.

    This is the info you will know in real time:
    • Temperature (ºC)
    • Watts (W)
    • Voltage (V)
    • Charge current (mA)
    • Accumulated capacity (mAh)
    • Connection type (AC, USB, Wireless)
    • Estimated total charging time

    - Thanks to @Valdorg for helping on building the project, and @cruzer_blaze2, @MeloProfessional for helping on testing/debugging.
    - There's another very similar version of the project from our well known buddy (@MeloProfessional) that you can check on his TSB channel: Go!
    - At the time of connection, will be normal that some of the values, during the first seconds or perhaps minutes, may not appear. That's because Tasker must wait for the intent to collect all the corresponding data.
    - If you don't know the battery design capacity of your device you can get it using this profile.
    - Except for 'Watts (W)', the rest of the values will be gotten without root. But, if non-root fails for whatever reason, root will be used instead.
    - A debug task (Debug Task) is included in case the user has problems with erroneous values or not shown. Follow the instructions inside it to know how to use it.


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