Energy 3D Overlay v1.4

Show current battery level at the top of the statusbar

  1. SmartPhoneLover
    This project was based on the Battery Meter Overlay app. So, it will act the same way, showing the current battery status at the top of the statusbar.

    This project includes an Initial Setup task that needs to be executed when it is imported from TaskerNet, or when the dev considers it is needed even not imported from TaskerNet.

    - An extra profile (Apps) is included, but disabled by default. It will allow the scene to be hidden/shown based on specific apps when they are opened/closed. Configure and toggle it manually according to your needs.
    - There's another project for the same purpose, but displaying the battery level as a horizontal line across the statusbar. (Energy Bar)
    - If you want different colors than the ones included by default, contact me through this post or by Telegram, WhatsApp or Discord (also Reddit thread or AutoApps forum) to request it.


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