Energy 3D Overlay v1.4

Show current battery level at the top of the statusbar

  1. Changelog v1.4

    - New: Added new 'Rainbow' multicolor resources.
    - New: Chooser dialog for 'Initial Setup' task to select the decided theme to apply on first setup.
    - Fix: Wrong scale for battery indicator.
    - Other: Added 'Initial Setup' task.
    - Other: Make the overlay to be shown on first project import, without the need of restarting. (Make sure to run Initial Setup task after importing)
    - Other: Deleted PSD resources. (Contact me by PM if you want custom colors)
    - Other: Small changes (also to resources).
  2. Changelog v1.3

    - Other: changed scene Display As property to 'Overlay', to avoid that region of the screen been blocked