Intents Broadcast Monitor v1.1

Listen to Android & Third-Party apps intents broadcasts

  1. SmartPhoneLover
    Intents and its broadcasts are very useful to allow apps communicate each other, also system broadcasts can be used to trigger almost everything in Android.

    But, when we want to take a look at the information sent within an intent (extras) to react somehow and carry out something, the official documentation, especially in the case of Android system intents, there are times that we cannot find clear references to all the extras. This is because device manufacturers, when customizing their base systems (ROMs), they rebuild part of the original Android code, adding/removing information sent and received from some of the system intents.

    Therefore, this project, originally based on the Internal Broadcasts Monitor app, will help you to capture sent intents (by system or other apps) and absolutely all its extras that your device/app is capable of generating in each intent (if they contain any). And all in real time.

    Main features:
    • Receive intents and all its extras in real time.
    • Colored information (date, time, intents count, intents names...)
    • Hide/Show the scene to allow keep receiving intent information in the background. (*)
    • Stop/Start control buttons to stop receiving broadcasts, or register them again.
    • Export results to TXT file. (*)
    • Receive intents from Android system as well as third-party apps (if installed). (**)

    - Thanks to @joaomgcd and @sdfsung (Reddit) for helping on building the project. (reference)
    - (*) All these options are accessible from the generated notification (buttons), once the project is launched.
    - To know what are the intents that the project is capable of monitoring, here you have a complete list: Android System and Third-Party Apps. They will be updated as new intents are included in future versions, if possible.
    - Use Show Intents List task to view all the included intents in off-line mode. (Colored ones are the last included)
    - (**) Two versions of the project are available to download. The first one (Android System Intents = A) will listen to all the intents coming from the Android system, only; the second one (Third-Party Apps Intents = B) will listen to all the intents coming from 3rd party apps, only. (Do not use both at the same time)
    - All the profiles are configured with a Cooldown Time of 1 sec to avoid receiving aggressive (redundant) broadcasts. If you need to listen to an intent without restrictions, set the Cooldown Time to 00:00:00:00 for the corresponding profile.
    - If Tasker alerts you about queued tasks number have been exceeded, try increasing the Maximum Tasks Queued value from its Preferences.


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