Tasker Clock Screensaver v1.2

Your own clock screensaver using Tasker

  1. SmartPhoneLover
    Now you can have your own screensaver, the original Android style (clock app). But without having to depend on that app.

    - As the project calculates the position of the clock randomly on each pass taking into account the size of the main scene (Clock), you must resize it (including the 'Top Layer' element), according to the available dimensions on your device.
    - If you prefer to continue using the original Android screensaver, you can use this task. (requires root)
    - If you don't have virtual buttons (navbar) on screen, you can disable all optional actions from the 'Toggle Status' task.
    - Single tap on the screen to close it.
    - The project doesn't keep the screen on for a given time, it just shows the clock on the screen. The user will have to add the corresponding actions/task to keep it on the decided time.
    - As an exmaple of a possible trigger, go here.


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