Tasker Clock Screensaver v1.2

Your own clock screensaver using Tasker

  1. Changelog v1.2

    - New: Battery level.
    - New: Next alarm (if set).
    - Fix: Position of elements not readjusted when the device was rotated. (Position fix only happened at time change)
    - Other: Increased animation delay (+1500ms) for a smoother experience.
    - Other: Moved some settings to 'Setup' task.
    - Other: Changed the way how elements are positioned, based on fixed offsets now. (*)
    - Other: Added some labels.
    - Other: Minor changes.

    * Not really the best solution, but will make things easier for...
  2. Changelog v1.1

    - New: 12h clock + am/pm indicator.
    - Fix: White scrollable bars were visible for a fraction of time on each update.
    - Other: Viewable in Landscape mode. (be sure to resize the scene for Landscape too)
    - Other: Added 'Setup' and 'Setup (UI)' tasks. (use them to configure the project)
    - Other: Minor changes.