[PROFILE] Get All Intent Extras v1.0

Get all the extras sent within a given intent (broadcast).

  1. SmartPhoneLover
    This profile will allow you to get all the extras sent within a given intent (broadcast).

    • Tasker can only receive intents which are sent to broadcast receiver components, not to activities or services.
    • Some intent senders require that a corresponding intent filter is specified statically (i.e. inside AndroidManifest). Those intents cannot be received.
    • Intents which are broadcast with a specification of a particular package component to receive, cannot be received.

    - Thanks to @joaomgcd and @sdfsung (Reddit) for helping on building it.
    - A reference from which it comes from as stand-alone task can be found here.
    - The profile id configured with a Cooldown Time of 1 sec to avoid receiving aggressive (redundant) broadcasts. If you need to listen to an intent without restrictions, set the Cooldown Time to 00:00:00:00.
    - If Tasker alerts you about queued task number have been exceeded, try increasing the Maximum Tasks Queued value from its Preferences.