Battery Monitor v1.2

Keep and eye at your battery when charging

  1. Changelog v1.2

    - New: Temperature mode selection (°C/°F). (configure it from 'Setup' task)
    - New: Debug task (separated from the project) to send logs to me (dev of the project), if it fails reading some of the values. (read notes about it)
    - Fix: Unset values due to non-existent files/sources now won't prevent the rest of values not to be updated.
  2. Changelog v1.1

    - New: Full battery statistics for desktop view (notification with basic info will continue to be visible). (tap notification)
    - New: Show how much battery has been charged in mAh during the current session.
    - New: Watts measure. (root needed)
    - Fix: Missing notification category for Android 8.0+.
    - Other: Removed percentage (%) count value. (only for notification)
    - Other: Removed all related to statusbar tile. So, no more manual check for battery statistics. Sorry.
    - Other: Changed the...