Apps Cache Cleaner v1.4

Get rid of app's cached files

  1. Changelog v1.4

    - New: Internal and external public base paths are now automatically retrieved.
    - New: KB and GB for 'Total recovered memory' msg.
    - New: 'code_cache' (/data/data), 'cache' & 'code_cache' (/data/user_de/0), 'cache' under '/files' (/.../Android/data for public internal and external) paths.
    - New: 'Initial Setup' task to check if public device's paths are available to be retrieved automatically.
    - New: Detailed log, accesible from the statusbar notification once process finishes (disabled by default). (configure it from 'Setup' task)
    - Fix: 'du' cmd not retrieving the correct size when symlinks were found.
    - Fix: 4KB extras were added for each folder the 'du' cmd read.
    - Fix: 'rm' cmd not working on directories with spaces on its path. (*)
    - Other: Statusbar notification Category for Android 8+.
    - Other: Moved all the settings to 'Setup' task.
    - Other: Some changes to statusbar notification.
    - Other: Removed 'app_webview' dir.
    - Other: Removed unused variables.
    - Other: Other small changes, fixes and improvements.
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