Apps Cache Cleaner v1.4

Get rid of app's cached files

  1. Changelog v1.4

    - New: Internal and external public base paths are now automatically retrieved.
    - New: KB and GB for 'Total recovered memory' msg.
    - New: 'code_cache' (/data/data), 'cache' & 'code_cache' (/data/user_de/0), 'cache' under '/files' (/.../Android/data for public internal and external) paths.
    - New: 'Initial Setup' task to check if public device's paths are available to be retrieved automatically.
    - New: Detailed log, accesible from the statusbar notification once process finishes (disabled by...
  2. Changelog v1.3

    - New: selected apps can be cleaned now
    - Fix: wrong path for sdcard (internal/user) statusbar notification
    - Fix: important issue making Tasker to act over those non-selected items from 'ACC - Launch' task (very very sorry guys)
    - Other: other minor changes